Company Barrisol Normalu S.A.S. and SmartWay d.o.o. started their cooperation in April 2018. How SmartWay d.o.o. with a keen interest in the cinema industry, from the construction of the multiplex to the implementation of new technologies such as 4Dx and ScreenX, lighting and wall coverings, are definitely an indispensable detail. Barrisol Normalu has been recognized as an excellent partner due to its long history and the recognized quality of its products. Barrisol products can be combined with lighting, acoustics and interior decorating of high aesthetics. Barrisol is a high quality material for our further end product development and can be applied on all surfaces and spaces while providing designers with unlimited possibilities. We look forward to your trust in one of your innovative projects!


Company Barrisol Normalu S.A.S. is the world's leading manufacturer of stretched ceilings for over 50 years. The company has received more than 40 awards for its ability to constantly innovate and create aesthetic and qualitative products. Thanks to the company's noble design, its adaptability to making bold forms and high quality, Barrisol stretched ceilings have become the best choice for designers and architects. Barrisol stretched ceilings can be 100% recycled and thus protect and preserve the environment in the nature of Barrisol. All these features explain the world's brand success and strengthen Barrisol's exceptional reputation in more than 110 countries.


For Barrisol, the use of technology to continuously improve its products and processes allowed her to stay far ahead of the competition. Since the creation of the company more than 80 patents have been awarded to Barrisol Normalu. By helping to establish new industry standards and procedures, Barrisol Normal continues to strengthen its position as a world leader in the industry of stretched ceilings.


Ceilings and walls are equally important in setting the color space as well as the appearance of the room itself. The potential for ceilings or walls to serve as integral design elements is often underestimated. Barrisol offers a diverse range of more than 230 unique colors. Choose the texture, finish, print image, transparent element and your ceiling Barrisol can provide you with almost any look or feel you want.


The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concern. It provides us with more than forty years of continuous product development. In order to respond to the needs of our customers and provide them with a service and customized response, the Barrisol network has more than 1,200 partners.

Barrisol considers the impact on the environment in all the decisions she brings. Respect for the environment is one of Barrisol's core values.


Since its beginnings, Barrisol has been awarded with over 30 awards awarded by interior design professionals and building sector professionals.

International architects such as Massimiliano Fuksas, Peter Eisenman, Philippe Starck, Kristian Gavoille, Norman Foster or Jean Nouvel have chosen Barrisol for the realization of exceptional projects.


Our PVC ceilings are made of plastic materials, guaranted without phthalate and guaranteed without cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

Assigned by the Pro France Association, the product code of the Origin of France Garantie means that the Barrisol products are the first stretched ceilings wholly produced in France.

Barrisol Normalu was established in 1967 and is located in the province of Alsace, and in its historical location Kembs employs more than 130 people. Acting in more than 150 countries through a network of 1,200 distributors, Barrisol is the world leader in tight ceilings, a member of the global export number club and recognized as many prizes.

All types of Barrisol products are class A + (best result) for room air quality in accordance with the applicable regulation of the level of volatile organic compounds emission and the quality of indoor air.

Enterprise Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Life Company heritage) is a recognition of the French state, by which it is reward French companies for their excellence traditional and industrial skills.

Barrisol is CE Certified. The CE mark, "Conformité Européenne", signifies compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of various applicable European directives.
Barrisol is the first CE Certified stretched ceiling. This certification applies only to transparent, satin, lacquered, matted and metal lining. Other types of foil will soon be certified. This mark shows that Barrisol is in compliance with European regulations for building materials.

Barrisol is UL certified. This security standard means the assessment of products intended for American and Canadian markets.

Certificate of International Maritime Organization (IMO). Barrisol Normalu S.A.S. has received an IMO certificate that confirms the possibility of placing Barrisol on ships. All Barrisol linings meet the A.651 International Maritime Organization's criteria.


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